Our Independent Electron Type
Fairly gives each structure of itself
Its equal moment of existence!
Creates Our Big-BangS,
Our Galaxies, Us, Our Societies!
Our Brains, Our Ideas,
Each Moment Causes the Next!


Vibrant society's fair groups & trade
Vibrant justice's fair honesty & measure
Vibrant art's fair varieties & inspiration:
completes consistent creations,

lepc shows consistent construction from
= elements, our universe, electrons.
My history
My family
New Society

New Rock

New Word

Virtual Pair Model developing

Shows FINITE computer logic correction for
popular 1/n calculus conundrum.
New Religion

Please email "RLM" -
A click here may do it.

Consistent Existence

most exactly defined by an
active computer program, a macrocosm of electrons
to model my microcosm of electrons matching measurements of basic existence:

conservation of momentum, forces, gravity, space curvature, time dilation
and at last photons.
Shows all finite logic, not infinite, natural to
computors, not limit of 1/n for ALL n.
Only Humans seem to require an eternal pre-existent "cause".
Like, idea that an ALL POWERFUL god has no limit

There is no window in the brain to
show exactly how it responds to words or measurement.
For a computer,
there is a debugger which exactly displays detail of each step of
its response to what is in its memory and inputs.
For electronic brain and even rocks, everything only exists
as the shortest transition, least action, to something else,
minimizes bias for fairness.


Fairness requires the most universal UNIT to
specify, to measure, to model fairness of existence.

Clearly, this UNIT must not be larger than
the smallest universal particle.



Large Electron Positron Collide r
ran in Switzerland and France,
proved fast electrons and anti-electrons create the quarks needed for all atoms.
Its magnets and charged surfaces that accelerate electrons
are controlled by electrons.
So our UNIT of FAIR must be the electron.
So ALL FAIR existence is just different "structures of electrons":

Various locations, speeds, spins and charges.
The ANTI-electron is what annihilates with an electron into nothing.
It is not observed yet, but implied by my modeling "conservation of momentum".


Spectroscopes, expensive glass prisms,
split star light into tiny star "rainbows", unique for each atom, moving at a common speed.
Speeds are mostly common to each star.
They are a color Doppler shift,
like sound shift as heard from low flying jet plane.

Spectra show 80% of universe is hydrogen.
Hydrogen takes the fewest quarks, three.
Given a finite number of electrons,
The greatest variety of atom locations is given by smallest atom.
Thus it is the most common atom, highest entropy for electrons.

For a possible reason, unknown to me,
it tales about 900 electrons and 900 ANTI-electrons to make these 3 quarks?
I think it should be related to other things:
say the difference in photon "stimulation-annihilation rate" giving light speed
and that required for the "synchronized zitterbewegung" required for quarks.

Hydrogen Atoms of electrons heavily forced together

Observation of our sun and H-bomb, show 4 hydrogens mash into 1 helium.
Helium and hydrogen are major classes of
great varieties of "structures of electrons" in atoms.

Highest Entropy Atoms

4 heliums and 2 hydrogens mash into 1 carbon.
This variety comes from the FAIRNESS of carbon's structure of electrons:
It can easily share its outer 4 electrons with
atoms that need 1, 2, 3 or 4 to complete the stable 2 or 8 outer shell electrons.
Silicon is the lightest other atom similar to carbon's outer shell of 4 electrons.
Its high entropy can be seen in the great variety of granite mountains.

High Entropy Life Molecules

4 heliums mash into 1 oxygen needed for animal muscles .
Carbon forms the greatest variety of molecules from
the most common small atoms: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur.
This high variety of existences, high entropy, of carbon allows life.

After month exercising of my brain over microcosms inside macrocosms,
a few new neurons and synapses filled the holes:
greater entropy microcosms make greater entropy macrocosms

Biological earth life genes of
sex splitting double-helix of
hundreds of 20 different amino-acids,
seems to optimize successful varieties.

Self reproduction

Like hydrogen is so common because.
it is the important first class of 1800 electrons.
Chromosomes are important groups of thousands of atoms.
Many varieties of life cells of protein molecules,
Are necessary to open up great classes of new varieties.
Of Life

Biological Evolution

The simplest form of this self catalysis, is iron and oxygen, rust, Hermite.
We have converted mountains of it into huge pits
to make the steal for big varied structures controlled by electronics.


10-20 different amino acid molecules were used to
allow life to evolve on earth for
a billion revolutions of earth around its star.
They are combined in double helices in multi-cellular life,
Allow life's most flexible increase of variety of existence, our brain.

Societies are Big Molecules of Human Life

Brains increase the entropy of our existence:
art, play, cities, transportation, factories, education, libraries, INTERNET.
Good music, good painting, is evolution of inspirational themes,
gives us inspiration to develop our life.
Music is structures of sounds, air of electrons in our ears.
Painting is structures of photons of electric fields in our eyes.
My 3D block dance, with future binocular and stereo extension makes it
easy be interactive part of visual and auditory variety

My family detail


the smallest particles must
exist in equal numbers to their opposite particles.

They must lack bias and
must allow modeling ALL varieties of existence,
must maintain fairness of existence and lack of bias.

Humans have created much
simpler and more accurate electronic machines of reason than
the human brain that created them.

This is still fair existence because
Humans are not always wise.
They create drunks too.
Of course some
life styles spawn many
successful new varieties of existence.

I continually modify the computer model
to match basic experiments, of
an electron, Negative Charge and Positive Momentum,
coming into existence a Virtual-Pair-Model time away from its ANTI-particle,
Opposite charge, opposite Momentum.
But, to model conservation of momentum, my model requires this time before annihilation
the just stimulated, to let it "stimulate" another ANTI before
it annihilates its "stimulator".

This process reproduces a particle's charge and momentum in same "direction".

This means:

each structure of universe of one instant.
must ultimately determine all others,

to affirm consistent Fairness.

Our Unique Astronomical Big Bang had its Moment!

Past Big BangS created ours
as ours creates others!

BIG GOLDEN RULE of MOMENTS of existence!

Evolution accelerates new varieties of existence because
that variety which increases its speed of using opportunity s sooner than others, wins more often.
For example,
adapting to new opportunities by changing genes, changing DNA, requires generations, but it allowed
the evolution of intelligence which permits a few years of schooling to reduce many adaptations to only minutes.
Intelligence allowed the creation of computers that allow many important adaptations in billionths of a second.

To enjoy being a rational adult
one must rethink primitive childhood indoctrinations!

It took me 30 years to break away from things like my mother's making me
as a small trusting little boy, at bed time, in the dark, to kneel down with her
and humbly beg, some unseen, Super-Un-Natural, infinitely powerful, fearful, creature
for some kind of mysterious, but she claimed, wonderful mercy,
for my little, sinful, life.
Ultimately, she insisted,
My CHILDISH reverence would cast me into some unimaginably wonderful place
instead of the most everlasting EVIL torture,
only if I could convince myself and the GOD I thought she imagined, that
ANYTHING this mysterious being created or dictated in Para dice was holy wonderful
, even if, most all who EXPERIENCED such in nature would call such super torture!
Like having to FOREVER bow, head between feet, blood wrenching screams of praise
only a super-Un-natural totalitarian dictator might enjoy.

Exodus[Moses] 32:14, "And the Lord REPENTED of the EVIL
He thought to do unto His people."
[CONSUMING them for bowing to statue gods]
Context: Moses REMINDED the Lord of His FORGOTTEN PROMISE to
multiply "the seed of Abraham as the stars in the heavens.
[billions of billion star galaxies = 100 bodies deep everywhere over this earth]".

[Moses, in writing this, humanly exaggerated his role.
Happily, God would not fully keep His deep promise!]

Many preachers, today, claim their God is ALL POWERFUL
HE/SHE knows "every hair on your head",
every EVIL synapse in every brain before HE/SHE created them from space..
HE/SHE knew EXACTLY what EVIL/GOOD you would do before you were born.
Defensively, preachers claim "you were given free choice to be evil or not."
"The devil creates attractive sins."
Should we thank God for creating devilish temptations so
we avoid them to please god?
BUT, free choice is made an illusion by
general cause and effect:
Any want you become aware of is caused by instinct, by ability and by habit.
God knew EXACTLY what GOOD or EVIL IT was creating,
EXACTLY how everything would respond, with good or evil, to experiences God created.
Seems only childish Christians could believe evil is good!
I wish I had written name of TV preacher: "The Bible is full of contradiction".
He must have been thinking:
"because GOD is infinitely smarter than the men he JEALOUSLY made inferior".
Moses, Exodus 34:
"I am the LORD thy GOD. My name is JEALOUS, I am a jealous GOD".
I am ALL, HE, SHE, electrons, ROCKS.
know everything of Jesus, Buddha, any other god worshipers.
know all the EVIL that would be created.
HIS/HER "anger waxed hot" "to consume HIS/HER people".

Even human imagined
"unchangeable god's will" changes:

Genesis 3:22, [God to Moses]
"BEHOLD, the MAN has become as ONE of us,
to Know Good and Evil"

So biblically, since I, Robert, am a man, I know poor Moses's scribe had
EVIL slip of pen that left "WOMAN, " OUT!
We know when we are more Evil or more Good than

And by consistency of existence:

we can know how even rocks do the same!
Our Good Rocks

Jesus said, John 10:30, "I and my Father are ONE [are CONSISTENT]."
Jesus is consistent, OUR Father, Genesis: "BEHOLD the man has become as ONE of US".
All brains are made of same kind of consistent, interchange electrons.
Different structures of electrons are EFFECTIVELY COMPARED, MEASURED in

ALL MATTER is kept consistent
by adding its state, to all others, by light-speed electric waves.

THUS, the HOLY BIBLE, Koran, Confucius, Hinduism ARE consistently extended into full FAIRNESS:
Everything has ONENESS in CONSISTENCY:
MAN, WOMAN, JESUS, GODS & even ROCKS=evolutions of Big Bang!

Deuteronomy 32:4 "HE[God] is the ROCK, HIS WORK is PERFECT:"
Rocks and Humans

Jesus said, Matthew 13:33, Luke13:20 AND gospel of Thomas:
"The Kingdom of Heaven [Father, Son, AND Holy Spirit is like Leaven[varieties of single celled lives] which a
Woman[or man] Took [selected by pinch of yesterday's or neighbor's uncooked, leavened batter ] and
Hid[Fed the moist meal. The most successful became most plentiful & most hid, fed, next] in 3 measures of [moist]Meal
Until the Whole was Leavened[ the woman accelerated "survival of the fittest"]."

In general, very precociously Jesus said
"The Kingdom of Heaven is like
WOMAN, MAN even ROCK accelerating fair existence,
consistent entropic evolution.

condenser one more comment:
the bacteria increased their kind by
eating plant life crushed into meal.
The bread participates in our eating it as
the plants ate nutrients in soil and air
and the leaven ate it.
Multi-golden rule.
Jesus, John chapter 14 line 12:
"Verily, verily, he who believes in me, the works that I do
shall he do them also and GREATER works than these shall he do".

Many claim Christian greatness rests on Jesus' work
of raising Himself from the dead.

Jesus claiming all who believe His work
shall do the same and even greater.
So Jesus claims, all who believe in consistency of all existence,
will believe all, even rocks, raise themselves from the dead.

Examples of

raising greater from the dead

Rocks are reborn from cliffs.
Einstein became greater than his parents.

Good scientists
1. Clearly publish their experiments in nature.
2. Clearly describe generalizations.
3. Clearly describe any inconsistencies they found and have not resolved,
"turn the other cheek" to aid following scientists to do GREATER.

John 12:14, Jesus, Verily, Verily,
He who believes on Me,
the works I do;
shall do them;
and Greater works shall he do.
Jesus' "Greater" is beyond Moses' Genesis 3:22
"the man has become as ONE of us.
{ Father, Son, Holy Spirit }
to know good and evil."

Jesus doubly increases His father's creations by
empowering greater works in others.
So, Jesus nature parables like
"kingdom of Heaven is like leaven"
embarrass disciples by showing
consistency of natural existence to
the Most Holy Supernatural, GOD'S HEAVEN.

Create TODAY greater understanding.
made His father's creations greater.

The Greatest scientist's works inspire and help others to do greater.

Jesus, John 5:31:
"If I bear witness of myself, my witness is NOT TRUE.
So, John TRULY testifies, that Jesus LIES about His own works,
being what His Father wants, and whenever He testifies to Himself.
But, Jesus, above, 12:14, testifies not to himself, SO true that
men shall do greater works than Jesus and His Father, who Jesus FALSELY" testified are ONE.

In spirit of Ernst Haeckel:
"Often, stages in a species' evolution are
successful stages in an individual's growth."
Like, multi-cell life
evolved very early from single cell life.
So all multi-cell life today, starts by
multi-cell-divisions of a single cell.
But some stages are missing
This inspires me to find out why,
but why would such a process help the species

adaptation to new environments is likely more efficient
if the mechanism of previous evolution successes can be reused to
make an individual's growing successful too.

Sort of like evolution is a macrocosm of the individual growth stage microcosm.
This is why efficient macrocosm is consistent with its microcosms
I believe, study of "gene switches" will confirm this.

"Microcosms are consistent with their macrocosm creations."
And repeating the history of ideas guides understanding and creating greater ones.

Models can only be complete, "be finished", if completely independent and thus irrelevant.

Visualized Consistency: Big-Bang-Rocks-Us 2010

NEW 9/28/10 Mechanism of totality

ALL BELOW up to 4 years older; but covers other things.

Born again, Englewood Bible Church 2008

Rock Morals


Exactly as atoms of the brain create consciousness and its spirit.
So do atoms of a good structure of 2D springs blocks demonstrate
the spirit of simple and observable consciousness,
computer freedom, ergodic or stochastic electro-dynamic history.


Finite continuation, physical logic,
word-less dictionary:
definition by systematic experience, abstract mechanism.


Stochastic electro- dynamics visualized.
Spiral galaxies slowly oscillate in size
due to saturation of zero point field
of virtual pairs of electrons and anti-electrons.
Gravity due to spreading of rays of polarized field
of virtual pairs of electrons and anti-electrons
from central cluster of non-virtual pairs.


All human thought is the result of molecularly controlled synapses.
Thus all human math theorems and faiths are expressions of some aspect of Natural Creation.
The main problem is reliably identifying that aspect.
This can be well done by finding simple Examples in Natural Creation
for each definition or assumption required by the theorem.

For example, an initial English definition of 'blue' defines it
as a simple common experience:
'the color of the sky when the sun is behind a high cloud'.
The color of clear water in a lake over 5 feet deep.
More exactly: 'blue' is the most isolated, least energetic, spectral line
of a bunch of hot hydrogen atoms as we are traveling along side of them.
This spectral line will be a bit fuzzy because of the cluster of velocities, f=E/h, of the individual atoms.
new math new brain new axioms
2D [interactions unchanged by extension in 3rd dimension] spring block logic, 2Dsbl.
provides a quite simple Natural Creation system for
activating any finite logical system in terms of
2 strengths of simple springs, small independent blocks and 4 that stay together as a large block,
finally a small block that is not moved.

Thus, 2DSBL provides simple Natural Creation examples of
all finite logic models
other parts of creation.

PLEASE no 1/n for ALWAYS increasng n!

The super rigorous proof of a theorem is
a the theorist's constructed robot tutor teaching the
active 2Dsbl equivalent theorem to an intelligence.
This intelligence is a sufficiently large truth table
with standard cells of 2Dsbl learning modules,

A truth table large enough to equivalently respond,
as an activation of the theorem conclusion,
to the expansion of springs that represent the premise and definitions.

Humans can be helped to understand it by interactively answering
the tutor's English questions that refer to the currently displayed 2Dsbl structure
and afterwards watch a 2Dsbl 'movie'
resulting from the timed redisplay of all the structures without the English questions.

This spring block logic structure must have inherent activity like all parts of Natural Creation.
2Dsbl structures are activated by human or environmental insertion of
compressed springs and human or environmental deletion of expanded springs.

This gives the human direct experience of a
physical 'proof' of the equivalent Natural Creation theorem.

Unique non-transversal lines are generalized tangents.
Of course the sloppy, non-clocked logic activity
of a human brain can never understand a theorem as accurately as a good computer.


Negative feedback imitative learning, double blind test, placebo,
self hypnosis, super-logic, negative feedback neural net,
2D-spring-block-logic, mechanistic synapse, 3D block dance, hypnotic ergodic music.


JavaScript, VRML, INTERNET, interactive comments, pidmass, directsound.


Virtual creation, 1d GUT, vacuum genesis,
virtual big bang, 1d electron, electronic gravity.


Ergodic evolution, entropy evolution,
DNA evolution versus. idea evolution,
external placenta, competitive immunity,
evolution accelerates entropy.


Comprehensive personal potential and responsibilities guarantees
= MoreFairSociety,
super-individualism, super-humanity, super-competition, super-freedom.
US 10 stripe flag for 10 articles of individual rights or updated 10 commandments;
not for 13 original bureaucracies.


Humanistic SED = best GOD.
Common ancient gods are
Super Unnatural totalitarian dictators.
Those who love such conceived gods are spiritual Nazis.
They faun over their imagination and feelings of kiss ass paradise.
True children of a free willed god inherit free thinking and creativity.

Jesus is the second great Jewish scientist after Moses,
Moses first articulated what we know today is central to modern science,
the importance of learning the properties and values of Natural Creation for oneself.
Moses described this 4 times in Genesis:
even God did not say His Natural Creation was good until 'He saw it for Himself'.
But Moses left a super Un-natural reward for 'not giving false witness'.
Jesus gave this more natural meaning by His parable:
'he who testifies to himself lies'.
Jesus thus gave a common example of
the natural inclination of humans to embellish a story when
they think no one saw for themselves what happened.

Radioactive atoms = creator's reliable clocks.

**spiritual copyright (c)1996 by RLM
only to defeat this antiquated, monopolistic Federal system by
using it to guarantee free use .

Use anything authored here by me any way you want;
even copyright it for yourself
as long as you give others equal freedom!

MoreFairSociety (12 pages) for alternative 'reward' system.

Solution to advertisement

Click Headings below:

High Lights

MoreFairSociety Principles

Un patented Mechanical Inventions

Philosophical Inventions

Physics Inventions

Math Inventions

Biological Inventions

Philosophical Letters
All the following that seem to have negative statements to popular religion
I think can be considered positive
due to my being 'born again' Feb 2004, wife JoAnn,
by modern Holy Spirit of Science at Englewood Bible Church:
Friendly translation of Bible for scientists.

Social inventions

Mundane, personal

Art effort & inventions

Video Phone Me

Selected links(1 page). Please suggest some.


ml My brief epitomes(3page )

New, freer, efficient, fairer government business system

Choose a powerful partner that benefits when you do.

Evolution versus super-natural creation - 20 Dec 2003 (1 page) Evolution is naturally understandable, super-natural or sub-natural is not.

All ideas consistent with universe. - 18 Dec 2000 (3 pages) Brains are physical objects.

Traditional Blind Faith Math(2page ) Shows folly of definitions for an unknown intelligence like the human brain.

Under Reconstruction: Blind faith math FORUM only with cheap database See latest comments by authors - please add your own.

Digital transform=nor-formula=synapse formula.(10k)
Shows all consistent human logic is equivalent to finite computer type formulas.


2D-spring-block-logic simulator
(JavaScript documents - Netscape2,3,4 Explorer3,4,6).

Still pictures without complex interaction.

Simple animation of 'OR' with link to

Full interaction of 2D-spring-block-logic,DEPRECATED
needs 1Ghz 1024res 100meg, ie5.5 or 6.
Server asp takes 1-3min.
asp and sql use abrogated - no requests.
Email request to cheaply save your and students' logic
with robot tutor instructions for others.

javaScript of electrons, 112313, mmddyy
Rigorous math in nor-formulas.(10k);30min study

Integer based calculus. 30 min. study (10k)

General simple example of explicit finite nor-formula
interpretation of differentiation(relative rates of change).

CONUNDRUM-LESS Russell's Paradox:
(1 page display, 3k-js, 10 minute study )

Computer just cycles name of catalog of books that do not cite themselves.

Human 'logic' is very suspect!

Logic & values can be exactly defined for teachable
- see 'super logic' below.

CONUNDRUM LESS Computer cycling:
(1page display, 3k-js, 15 minute study)

All visible computer programs have a finite cycling period
(possibly beyond the age of the universe).
Visible(finite memory) computers output only a finite number of
different rational numbers(a countable set) or
repeating integers, even if run forever.
The halting conundrum applies only to infinite memory, super natural computers
like the Turing machine, unlimited memory.
Materialistic computers do not do Peano arithmetic
- no n+1 for n its maximum number -

Goedel's incompleteness theory applies
only to Peano(human) arithmetic.
But materialistic computers cannot model the universe exactly
since they are part of it - infinite recursion - requires infinite memory.

Negative Feedback Neural Net:
(5 page display, 20k-JS, 1 to 8 hour study,
new real time, Mar98, Win95-NS4-IE4 OK)
internally motivated neural net,
exactly defined in JavaScript,
inner states completely displayed,
externally teachable to any nor-formula that
increases entropy sooner,
expands chaos further.
Allows defining exact physically consistent, evolution
or philosophical values as net lessons.

Spiritual sensitivity meter statistics Use ie or chrome not firefox.

Stochastic Electro-Dynamics, SED, Zero Point Field visualized

Interactive 3D VRML2 Recommending Parallel Graphics Cortona renderer
1. Install cortona. 2. Reload 3. click any .wrl link.
select 'study' and 'turn', rotate by mouse drag.

Efficient wake-less boat/submarine/torpedo/blimp.
Carbon hexagonals flat-joined, 'Bucky paper',
could make wake-less blimp turbine faster than jet plane
because air does not need to be wastefully accelerated downward by
wings to keep body airborne
and energy to accelerate air around blimp is
mostly recovered by outer cylinder's rear propeller .
theory :

get boat in 3d.
In cortona, click 'go to' then click turbine for detail.
Note head and tail pressure wave catching, outer transparent-tan cylinder,
Extra transparent-blue middle baffle has truncated cone ends.
Reduces velocity mixing,
Red cones end light weight, fat axle.

Tracked_wheel on turning path in 3d. [Forgive 73 year old's hexagonal path approximation of circle]
The motor, not shown, is inside the "track",
it turns a 4 toothed spline aimed toward the rectangles.
Driving force is torque relative to rectangles.
The outer "track" feet motion over white ground
is the automatic amplification of their motion from a center of vehicle,
along 2 yellow guide rectangles.
Left legs slide along left rectangle,
For smoother motion of track feet, this rectangle would have rounded corners.

Wake-less Torpedo : Head water shunted to one side.

Experimental 'MS direct animation' 3D music.

get abstract revolvable 'box dance'
Compose new box dances ONLY in Netscape+ not ie yet.

In case you want to see short 2D .3pg movie of 3D block dance: click


MoreFairSociety contract (1 page EARLY)

Venture capital opportunities (1 page)

RLM personal (1 page, 7k gif)

Family history, etc. (8 page, 10 7k gif)

Selected poems, music(1 page)

Un-printed rebuttal to mass media(2 page)

before 'reborn'

Answers to Creationist's home page questions(4 page)

Analysis of a 'believers reasons'(18k)

Un patented mechanical inventions

Triangulated 'heart pump': open then closed by swinging hinges.
Positive displacement with minimum sliding friction.
Trillion $ replacement of billions of less efficient piston-cylinder engines!

Compound bow & arrow: relaxed then pulled.
Simple construction. Parabolic force curve. No pulleys; central hinge; 2 cables in front over 2 posts that bend 2 bows,

Join private forum on compound sling shot.
Vehicle motion in fluid without wake. Only frictional energy losses: boats, subs, balloons. It could make dirigible motion practical. The vehicle is surrounded by a cylinder with a propeller in front to accelerate fluid between cylinder and vehicle causing motion and has a fluid de acceleration 'propeller' at the end to recover the fluid acceleration energy. Potentially more efficient and faster than jet plane through air!
Single tracked vehicle. Minimize getting stuck: whole bottom moves.
Maximum pulling force while turning: Turns like a cup with smaller bottom roles; like a paper cone flattened half way down & rolled by ones hand. Turning circle center at cone end point.

Body model bent for turning - track lost.
Track was ball chain, pulled 2 wide wheeled roller, axial: so wheels rolled under body as ancients used logs under pyramid stones. Body moves over ground twice as fast as axials move around body - wheel axials don't rotate - linear axle motion makes wheel friction on body double distance on ground compared to axle under body.
Track of hinges connected at EQUAL variable angles to others:
running axes perpendicular to turning axes, interconnected so the running axes focus at the same point as the interconnected body parts and drive wheel teeth for efficient and reliably controlled track running during turning. 1 foot working model at Bair Freeman Molinair - Chicago ~1955 Detailed plans
get boat in 3d Efficient wake less boat/submarine/torpedo/blimp.torpedo/blimp


Wakeless Torpedo: Water energy torpedo would otherwise cast aside
is pushed through internal tube and mostly recovered by trailing propeller.
Wakeless Torpedo

Hydraulic powered spokes, SELF PROPELLED wheel:
For path turn center change, spoke lengths hydraulic ally changed, not shown
The ground contacting feet move in circles centered at
ground path turning center focus.
Independent hydraulic jacks drive any remaining spokes when some
feet disabled by path hazards like military mines.
See power controlled spoke length: hydraulically SELF PROPELLED wheel on turning path in 3d. [73 year old's hexagonal path figure instead of circular]
< href="">Install VRML 3d renderer: 3meg In cortona Select 'study' & 'turn', rotate by mouse drag.
Old attempted rectangle spoke guide in 3d

Single foot vehicle (pogo) without bouncing cargo -see 10.
Only touches ground when needed to counter gravity.
Simple transmission.
May use separate combustion engine-see 6.
Separate combustion engine. Separates exhaust, compression & combustion chamber from expansion. May use double cam-see 7. May use gas combustion turbine for compression and combustion stage by venting its combustion chamber to expansion cylinders.
Double cam: change reciprocal to circular.
No 'dead centering'.
Keeps torque constant during expansion.
Allows double acting piston (steam engine).
Allows practical one piston directly connected to each wheel with 'separate combustion' -see 6.

'Wheel' improvements (bicycle etc.).
Belt & non-circular wheel combinations or
compound wheel with new simple 'differential' drives-9.
Improved tract ion & ride over very rough terrain.
Simple Pulley Differentials for reciprocal to circular motion.
Reciprocal drives allow simple infinitely variable force ratios.
Differentials allow greater motion of less resistive parts.
Constant force versus distance: spring + cam.
Stops bouncing cargo.
Sport Physics(1 page)
Audio speaker powered by air pressure by electrically controlled air vents.
Controlled chemical 'explosions' may be used. Helicopter carries hose, nozzle & pump for fighting fire on tall buildings; unreal hose at site for connecting to water hydrant; nozzle manned in helicopter; may use extra portable gas driven pumps along hose.

Un patented personal protection tool options:

Double barreled semi automatic pistol. 2 magazines in one handle: permits both lethal and non-lethal(tear gas, etc.) loads simultaneously. 2 triggers: one above the other in the same trigger guard. This double design lets user choose at any moment between minimal and maximal response without others knowing the choice.
In addition to a mechanical safety, there is an electrically activated safety switch set by code typed on handle's keys or voice recognition. It also has a limited 'ready' time adjustable to seconds so deactivation is soon after it is out of owners possession: safe around children and unusable by thieves. Signal to show it is armed. But owner may set signal to private code. 'call police' button. 'laser scope'; for accuracy in light or darkness. 'call police' button activates a homing signal. 'siren' button. Camera and sound recorder; for proof of self-defense & ID. 'stun' electrodes so others may not grab it. Reseal able activated charcoal container to record scene odors.

Un patented computer inventions

Array processor & language for dynamic abstract art instrument.
One defines abstract subroutines for changing multiple rhythms of
rectangles appearing in rectangles that can be activated in real time (60 fps).
New appearances computed while old ones are displayed.

Prototype successful. See Rhythm Generator in 'Family History'.)

Anti-virus by aux-computer:
Put 286 or 386 microcomputer with ROM program and ram for storage of
protected disk area locations and 'OK' switch on an ISA accessory card, or
on the motherboard or on the hard drive.
The ROM program causes the local processor to constantly monitor disk writes and interrupt the motherboard processor and flash its light when writes are attempted in forbidden areas.
When one loads a new program to disk, the aux-computer flashes a light for user to push 'OK' switch which causes the storage in the aux-computer's ram of new program's location on disk for protection. )

Tabulated Function Language
In use since 1970 at Littleton, Colorado, Marathon Oil Research.
Example: plot=((integral x) at (y*(y= cards)))

Annotation-forums or 'work groups' in multimedia. Directed to maximally enhance 2-way communication by signaling replies unobtrusively in original text, 3D graphics or MIDI music:
Implement in DHTML so users may easily customize and save as e-mail or www page.
Removes need for server cooperation to set up a new forum:
start forum as www page, copy, send as
e-mail with comments to others who may send with new comments or post on their www site.
On user request, browser changes color, flashes or underlines places
in original where others have comments or changes waiting for user's specific requests.
--Try underlined 'space' at text 'Example' below(DHTML in future)
for www developers (2 pages)
Example: _ select underlined 'space' for replies.
Allow user to easily return to original or flag changes one wants kept displayed.

Allow comments selected from author menu.
Provide tools for user to easily add optional changes to standard text,)
JavaScript(functional interactivity), Live3D, DHTML or
MIDI(the most compact flexible instrumental sound).
To facilitate this, ONE simple
general purpose language(JavaScript, VBScript ?) should be able to
output text(TEXTAREA ?), 3D graphics(VRML ?) with coordinated sound(MIDI & AU ?).
One could demonstrate desired options 'on top of' an advertisement.
Then others could append prices, examples or 'fixes'.

Philosophical Inventions:

(super-humanity, neural net, fundamental math, physics, psychology & philosophy, new capitalism & new representative-democratic government, greater freedom) Latest:

super-humanity The brain child is above the groin child.
Negative Feedback Artificial Neural Net( -ANN).
Increases abstract variety (entropy, chaos) sooner(preempts competitors).
Basis for simple physics consistent definitions(artificial philosophy) of
social efficiency, consciousness, honesty and responsible speech,
social costs & benefits, freedom & creativity.
for full --ANN definition + diagrams of(4 pages, 3-6k gifs)

Unbiased Universe (2 pages)

Rationality of Humanism - 18 Dec 2000 (3 pages)

Scientific Morality (2 pages)
New symbolic language (-ANN lessons). Efficiently learn able, clear & consistent 'brain language' or artificial philosophy based on 'negative feedback artificial neural net' above.
Rigorously defines 'undefined' basic math & physics assumptions
(reduces undefined terms to those of -ANN defined in JavaScript for computer brains).
Good basis for 3D diagrammatic language.
(aural languages are only 2D: pressure versus time). Visual Rhythms.
Good art develops variety of sensation and logic with emotion.
I started this kind of thing with hanging mobile:
2 inch reflective ball, 1/2 inch by 8 inch clear hanging strips with
drawings of wide world of variety+engineering" for
U of Chicago Humanities 1950 class 1 in
dormatory basement. After
3rd fail of 3rd class:
Drafted into US Army,
then hand drawn abstract cartoons on
troop ship to Korea(1954);
then taught myself piano in Tokyo(~1956) USO;
then single frame movie camera light table(~1958); then
keyboard picture player
64 100w home made projectors connected to keyboard(~1962); then
2D 'Rhythm Scope' array processor+recursive, interactive language, making 200,000 squares per sec/60(3yrs~1985).
The following simulates is test frame:
dancing cubes(4k) JavaScript3+Live3D:compose your own dances.

MoreFairSociety Principles

MoreFairSociety efficiency

MoreFairSociety comprehensive guaranteesMay 04
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There are private forums for each topic on a private BBS; just send e-mail showing your possible contributions for invitation. Each forum of messages is encouraged to have its own rules. Just e-mail what you need (Live3D or JavaScript help* free*. A separate computer & unlisted phone line is available). Please send me serious e-mail (pro or con) and indicate how you would like me to make a www document for you *free* and link to it from here for others to view; I will gladly patch in your comments. I will greatly appreciate any constructive comments & requests to join in or become a guarantor.

Mathematical Inventions.

Pythagoras theorem for arbitrary triangles:
Construct 3 extruded [back ortho-projecting] corner joined squares that
may be sliced in 2 places at different angles to get
the original & a square angle triangle, also
giving 2 smaller parallelograms that sum to the larger one on their sides.

The 2 smaller parallelograms are red & yellow. The larger, green.
Start by rotating 2 planes on the legs of one given triangle angle till they make a square angle.
The planes have enough freedom to make a closed or straight angle.
Then put a 3rd plane through the 3rd original triangle side & parallel to other planes' intersection.
Any perpendicular slice of these 3 planes gives the same right triangle.
The old Pythagoras' theorem proves we can construct squares on their sides so
smaller 2 [red & yellow] add to 3rd [green].
These squares are the 'extruded' squares. Impractical but pleasurable to some 73 year old’s.
get projection in 3d
Note changing slice angle of extruded Pythagoras theorem changes triangle angles.
Directed to physical definitions in '-ANN language' &
'2D-spring-block language' above to
eliminating calculus dependence on 'infinity' & word only dictionaries.

Digital transform=nor-formula (10k)
Shows all correct human logic is
equivalent to finite computer type formulas.

Interactive integer based differentiation.
General simple example of explicit finite nor-formula
interpretation of differentiation(relative rates of change).

A connected function is continuous at a point if
there are non-transversals of positive and negative slope there.

A connected function is differentiable if and only if there is
at most one non-transversal at every point.

Each non-transversal.has a spanning parallel chord and
each chord spans a parallel non-transversal...

An inflection tangent is in the one direction where
transversals switch sides.

Effort to analyze sets relative to families of sets without needing a metric.
generalized calculus over --ANN (5 pages)

finite continuation and finite math induction from hardware test rules. 

Physics Inventions:

Early seismic inverse model:
main result of 100+ columnar data handling subroutines,
5 foot stack of IBM cards.
Called by 2 inch stack of cards in my designed
"Geophysics Analysis Language".
The vertical, rectangular curves represent rock properties
found by Maquark algorithm from getting marching synthetic seismographs.
See smooth wiggly curves of data and synthetic overlap well.
north see inverse model

electron_model [in progress]
Directed to define a model in
a negative feedback artificial neural net(-ANN artificial philosophy) which
completes the development of an unbiased, chaotic universe as
a balanced maximal variety of things with anti-things
( annihilation here requires 0 energy left).
Under -ANN artificial philosophy,

the correct universe model & anti-model create
automatic successful responses: defined to be unconscious, nirvana

(see for full --ANN definition + diagrams of (6 pages, 3*6k gifs)[deprecated] ).

I will gladly patch in good comments and additions with recognition.

De Broglie waves are virtual particle & virtual anti-particle waves.
Interference and h is caused by
virtual anti-particles from the whole universe.

Photons are electron or positron accelerations.

Virtual photons are electron or
positron accelerations followed by de-accelerations so no energy is lost.

Gravity is off center virtual photon emission from electrons

positrons; making attraction greater than repulsion.
Neutrons are charge balanced micro molecules of about 1800 electrons & positrons so
gravity is proportional to mass.
Large conductors don't stop neutron gravity because
neutrons don't restrict distant electron's longer wave length virtual photons.

Spiral galaxies are expanding due to
creation of a central black hole
which then pulls in its photons and so it's gravity.

gravity from electron size (5 pages)
The principle of 'least action' is
consistent with the principle of unbiased maximum variety and chaos; since
the least energy and time are devoted to creating each existence so
the most variety and chaos may be made.

The non uniformity of star distribution is balanced by possibly an
internal non uniformity of its real particles;
which from above is a non-uniform distribution of virtual particles.
Or virtual universes(Tryon, Guth,Velinkin, etc.) .
Real electrons are created by enough virtual electrons
that happen to appear in the perfect balance to maximize entropy over time,
creating a separate universe.

This 'balanced' universe is defined as
the ultimate model in a negative feedback artificial neural net(-ANN ) which
is a variety (entropy and chaos) accelerator and thus
an important cause of this universe.
See latest, yymmdd, 130620
Non chaotic causes create some non chaotic order, some bias; so
a non-externally caused, virtually caused universe must be completely unbiased chaos.
"Unbiased" means every thing will exist, but only once.
This means the universe is formed so previous existences change the next one as
soon as its had its time
perhaps virtual photons that form each existence continually interfere,
destroy the current state and then reinforce, create the next.
In this way the universe is all connected by common
parts(virtual photons) that
must be distinct form those in all other universes.
Maybe this lifetime of each state of the universe is (Planck's constant)/(universe mass).
But parts of a sequence of universe states may be
a kind of order that human like beings are required to 'use up' to
make the universe reach 'more distant' states.
For example: oil may lay in the earth during many universe time periods until
man, using economic cooperation finds and burns it up. - Jan 98.
Stochastic Electro dynamics, Zero Point Field visualized[deprecated]

Biological Inventions:

Evolution increases Entropy sooner:
success is using up the 'Free Energy' before others do.
See background in neural net definition + diagrams (4 pages, 3-6k gifs)
Evolution being serial selection of random changesof
inherited skills greatly increases chance of success compared to
chance of random creation all at once.
Sex accelerates individual evolution more where sexes are more equal; since
sex most effectively recombines genes equally successful in same environment.
Specialization occurs when
varieties need to quickly adapt to different environments.
This implies the more equal abilities between the sexes are
probably the latest evolved:
language ability was probably evolved after math ability.

If viruses' evolving faster than host increases danger, let's
engineer an immune system that evolves faster than its host; perhaps
like penicillin, single celled with
separate sexual reproduction and rewarded by food from easily attacked, non-essential host cells.
So merciless immune system competes with infections for food.
But these immune cells should have
some slowly mutating genes (multiple copies or separate mitochondria like body) to
keep them from attacking essential host cells.

reversible vision:
Genetic engineering which put firefly light in a plant, could put
firefly light, triggered by nerve stimulation as additional cells in retina so
like one learns to create sounds with mouth for others to hear, one could
create pictures for others to view with one's input/output retina.

Unisex: Another problem for genetic engineers.
By an external placenta:
Starts with small wart growth on adult which can
easily be removed and reattached to another individual.

As wart grows it makes
a usual egg from its first host then later a
sperm for fertilizing the egg.
If left to grow on original host, a twin will be born.
If transplanted before the sperm is formed,
the sperm takes genes in usual way from new host so
a progeny with genes from both parents is made.

After birth the external placenta may morph into
a breast for the young to suckle. Or
it simultaneously develops with the fetus.
After weaning this breast is re absorbed or sloughs off.

Cloning only stem cells:
To avoid degenerate ruckus over hurting a 100 cell 'human'.

Make a skin cell act like a fetal stem cell:

Take 1 somatic cell [ie. skin] .
Take 1 stem cell of a genetically close, non-human, blastocyst.
Replace somatic cell's non-DNA content with stem cell's non-DNA content;
make somatic cell think it is a stem cell.

Specialize a generic stem cell for no rejection:

Replace the non-human stem cell's DNA with the somatic cell's DNA.
Replace a legacy human stem line stem cell's DNA  with the somatic cell's DNA.
Remove only 1 stem cell of a 1000 cell human blastocyst and clone it.

Don't kill harvested human blastocyst:

Surround it with anti-growth hormone secreting cells.
Clone new, complete, blastocyst from one of remaining cells and
implant in surrogate mother for normal birth;
so identical human blastocyst achieves life;
identical growth conditions of original blastocyst must be repeated so
cloned blastocyst has same genetics and
same 'lab' environment up to the original harvest time.
Put them in holy water for god's care.

Social inventions:

Friendly translation of Bible for scientific orientation

Simple reward for long term business planning (1 page)

Pleasant Economical Living Space

New 10 stripe, circle stars US flag symbolizing freedoms & individual responsibilities instead of bureaucracies undifferentiated herds:

flag Dots are for this individual flag flier's comprehensive liability guarantees for others =
new individually chosen government in form of competing guarantors.
The number size of flag dots,
the first duty of old government permitted for this individual to display.
Some may have more impressive flag dots than others.
The final duty of the old government is to
set minimum insurance check honesty of contractors.

Stripes represent
original 10 articles of Bill of Rights
, not 13 state governments.

Biblical Contradictions

Science is the most reliable religion

Choose guarantor for just cost and benefits = MoreFairSociety
Optionally replaces
health insurance, life insurance, labor unions and monopolistic government with
individually chosen guarantor partnerships.
guarantor becomes a partner with worker by being paid a % of worker's earnings.
Allows one to choose any job that their guarantor will comprehensively guarantee performance for business owners, customers and worker reward.
15 years ago there was a demonstration game in Toolbook script
that can be used to test explicit strategies.

Guarantor partner democracy (2 pages)

Guarantor versus monopoly

in History (4 pages)

example new_Society company (1 page)
Democratic Religion.
The congregation votes for its beliefs & worship.
May consider its non monopolistic self as one of the additional varieties of existence that helps give our universe more unbiased cause for existence.
Visible Creationism Logical Religious Fundamentalism (mostly tautologies): Humanist gods are good for humans
and IN human gods are bad for humans
and anything superior to humans makes them
an inferior creation of an inferior creator. The superior creator creates everything from NOTHING,
not even using itself, unless it is nothing.
So the superior creator IS NOTHING and everything is CHAOS!
But, total chaos means nothing is preferred, everything has equal existence,
Each totality causes the next. Energy is conserved. As the spiritual is more important than the material,
So a spiritual dictator is worse than a real one! As Jesus loves his enemies, he sends atheists to Paradise;
(Via the rear gate) whether they like it as much as He does or not;
BUT as He also would give all He has to the poor;
PARADISE IS EMPTY; except possibly for His Words:
"Do unto others as you would have them do to you"
even if they hate you doing it to them.
"If one smite you on one cheek, turn the other cheek also"
even if all your teeth were knocked out the first time.
Forever, hearing the Words of Jesus would make Paradise, Hell! Fetus souls romping in Paradise, thank God for abortion
because they don't know any better. Bad celibacy creates souls and good abortion saves them from sin. BUT since all one's cells may be cloned into separately soul ed people,
every creature of God has countless souls!
The finite can not understand the infinite and vise versa

God answers your questions (1 page)

Test the super natural (1 page)
CAUTION, for only materialistic eyes: The Ultimate Revelation (1 page)
Biblical quotes + comments (5pages Bible quotes)

Art effort & inventions:

Before I was 31,
I vaguely remember some animated designs,
intrigued by possibilities:
instrument music is a successful abstraction and synthesis of
the incidental, un-descriptive, disorganized sounds of common experiences.
So invented dances of visual abstractions should be successful.
I could easily imagine many with restful or dramatic feeling.

Art effort 1.
Hand drawing of individual abstract movie frames,
sitting on deck of a troop ship
splashing, grinding towards Korea for occupation duty.

Art effort 2.
In Korea, Japan USO rec private piano rooms
Self help Beethoven sonata book.

After army discharge,
basement at 20 E. Columbia St. Colorado Springs CO
ex home of dad's parents:

Art effort 3.
Made light table with top support for single frame capable
Bell & Howell 16mm movie camera,
bought in army commissary in Japan.
Central glass table held
colored cellophane pieces over translucent white paper that
had a design projected from floor up.
Could not imagine final appearance after
delayed photo film development
from no projection in rapid sequences on
center horizontal screen.

Art effort 4.
Extracted used store piano keyboard,
each key controls 1 of 64 compact made projectors,
room is made between focus and condenser lenses for
the 64 hand drawn slides to be side by side on 1 removable slide.
This slide is glass about a foot square, first covered by aluminum paint.
So as artist holds keys down scratches lighted area,
Watches each scratch projected white line.
Artist holds down related keys as a new design is projected.
Then colors them with transparent paint and
Artist, listening, can key pictures to music,
Watches how new picture additions 'plays' and makes 'adjustments'.
projector on stand box for keyboard +wires to 100w bulbs:
projector on top of vertical piano key board box
Art effort 5.
Some fellow researchers at Marathon Oil Lab in Littleton CO
had a shoe box with rudimentary IC music synthesizer.
I investigated logic and memory chips and
in a month started design of rhythmical pattern array processor.
wire wrap

test output

8 10k memory modules accessed in parallel.
Each address = previous module output + 4 clock bits.
Last mod accessed 3 memory for 24 bits color to monitor.
IO to Tandy 2000 bus to set memories.
Designed general language and Tandy interpreter for it to
set Rhythm Generator memories during their display for
immediate response to performer using high level commands.
LIKE "shift 64 pixel square x right 1 pix".

My CA Carmel Highlands belly dancing, artist, mate helped
with wiring, drawings and passionate inspiration.

Art effort 6.
3D rotate by mouse Requires interactive app plug in:

Make 3d boxes dance the way you want in
my blocks choreograph language,
translated into
Virtual Reality Modeling Language, .vrml by
JavaScript language program for
1980 Netscape

Interactive 3D rotation by mouse Requires 1987 vrml plugin.

OR, non-interactive .3gp movie of 3D.

Video Phone:

I need to be online. Running MS NetMeeting(free) or EZphone or Skype gets the necessary currentInternet Provider address number.
email for appointment:email
I may make this automatic - you get my next free time that you want, unless I cancel it.
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